Plastics Recycling
in Florida

We process plastics since 2013

4Plast Corp.

We are Florida-based plastics recycler with over 10 years of experience in collecting and recycling plastic materials.

We work with various suppliers to collect plastic waste they dispose. We are mostly interested in polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (HDPE) scrap. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, we turn plastic waste into the commodity. Clean plastic flakes used to manufacture new plastic products.

It’s a circular economy.


Bring us all kinds of plastic waste​

We collect scrap Plastic

We buy all kinds of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE, HDPE) scrap.

  • car bumpers, fuel tanks, grills, wheel liners, etc.
  • post-production plastic waste, byproducts, etc.
  • pallets, boxes, totes, crates,
  • pipes,
  • barrels, drums, containers,
  • empty HDPE bottles (milk, washing fluid, radiator fluid)
We turn garbage into commodity

We make high-quality Plastic Regrind

We sort, shred and wash the material, turning it into the clean plastic regrind. Plastic scrap becomes a commodity – clean flakes ready to be re-used during the manufacturing process.

PP regrind
PP regrind
PP regrind for sale
FIBC Woven Big Bags
FIBC Bulk Woven Polypropylene Bags

We sell FIBC Big Bags

We sell high quality, UV-proof FIBC sack bags. No one can beat our price and quality. Big bags are shipped the same day directly from our U.S. warehause.

Visit for details.

Save o lot on your utility bills!

Car Scrap Wanted!

If you own a coliision center, body shop or  car salvage yard, do not pay for scrap removal any more!

We collect bumpers, fuel tanks, grills, wheel liners and other PP and PE plastic scrap. We would pick it up from your facility, on a regular basis, for FREE.

Please call us for details.

Post-industrial waste wanted!

We are willing to collect all kinds of the post-industrial plastic (PP, PE, HDPE) and polystyrene waste from your facility, on a regular basis.

Please call us for details.

4Plast Corp.

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