4Plast Corp.

We Recycle Plastics

Bring us all kinds of plastic scrap

We collect Plastic Scrap

We collect and recycle all kinds of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) scrap.

Car bumpers, car tanks, car wheel arches, water and sewage pipes, window profiles, plastic pallets, boxes, barrels, post-production waste.

We buy plastic scrap
We turn garbage into commodity

We Produce Plastic Flakes

We sort, shred and wash the material, turning it into clean plastic flakes. Plastic scrap became a commodity – plastic flakes ready to be re-used in the manufacturing process.

We supply manufacturers nationwide.

Plastic pellets
We sell plastic pellets
Plastic pellets
Polystyrene plastic recycling
We recycle polystyrene EPS

We Collect Polystyrene

We collect and recycle polustyrene scrap.

Car Scrap Wanted!

If you own a car salvage yard, call us!

We are willing to collect bumpers, fuel tanks, wheel arches, and other PP and PE plastic scrap from your yard on a regular basis.

Please call us for details.

Post-industrial waste wanted!

We are willing to collect all kinds of post-industrial plastic and polystyrene waste from your facility, on a regular basis

Please call us for details.

4Plast Corporation

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